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[Download] 2NE1 1st Live Concert ‘Nolza!’ (iTunes)

2NE1 1st Live Concert ‘Nolza!’

Chính vì cái này mà mình lại nhớ đến hôm 19 ở trung tâm hội nghị quốc gia huhu hẹn gặp lại các cô gái huhu NOLZA in Vietnam huhu

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01. Fire
02. Can’t Nobody
03. Let’s Go Party
04. I Don’t Care
05. Kiss (Dara ft. CL)
06. You And I (Bom)
07. Don’t Cry (Bom)
08. It Hurts
09. Lonely
10. Pretty Boy
11. Don’t Stop The Music
12. Clap Your Hands
13. I Am the Best
14. Ugly
15. Go Away

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